Home Theater

RHT specializes in custom home theater room design and engineering

To have the full cinematic experience, our team will develop a room that is acoustically sound and create the best visual which our upscale clients demand. 

The ability to hear a full range of sound is one of the main thrills of the movie-going experience. In order to keep the sound in your theater without disturbing the rest of your home, you must first isolate your home theater to absorb sound and stop noise bleed into your custom home theater.   We use state of the art equipment to ensure your home theater sounds great and that you hear even the most minute surround sound effects. We design your home theater with absorptive and reflective surfaces to control the sound, which allows all levels of audio to be heard.

In order to provide a fully cinematic experience, the visual component needs to provide the highest quality resolution. The choice between having a flat screen TV versus a projector is a matter of personal taste, budget, the purpose of your video/entertainment (movies watching, cable TV streaming, video games, etc.) and style of your room. You’ll need to consider your budget, type, size, and resolution.

To top off your project, we can provide top quality theater seating that allows for a perfect and comfortable viewing experience. Being comfortable is an important part of your home theater room experience. Comfort is of utmost importance. Seating choices can range from recliners, couches, and even stadium theater seating.