Home Security Systems

When you live outside of big cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, and others, many businesses give less attention to “rural folk”. We are a local company who treats everyone with respect and you will not need to speak to an overseas operator to help answer your questions or resolve any challenges you might be facing.

We are security experts because we’ve been in the business for 21 years. Our people are trusted employees, who know our area and take the time necessary to focus on your needs to provide the perfect solution.

Home Security System
With battery backup, your home security system will continue to work even if the power goes out due to storms, downed lines, construction, or criminals trying to get around the system or burglars slashing lines to try and shut down your home security system. We’ve taken the time to create plans designed to fit your lifestyle and budget. It is tailored to help ensure your home, family and wallet are thoroughly protected.

Our home security system can also protect against fire and smoke, carbon monoxide, and floods.


Wireless Security Cameras
Wireless security cameras offer numerous benefits over yesterday’s wired security systems. If your computers, smartphones, and other devices are wireless, why not your security cameras? Gone are the days where walls need to be drilled and repainted. RHT stays on top of the latest technologies so that you don’t have to.

Home Automation
Our home security systems can be customized to give you access to your security system through any smart device. You can remotely arm, disarm and view real-time video surveillance as needed.

The big national home security companies will treat you like a number, but we will treat you like family. It isn’t just words, our agreements are month to month which means if you aren’t happy, you have the power to leave without being held up by long term contracts.

We offer fully customizable smart home security. This is critical since many of the homes in our area are second homes or vacation get away destinations. Who wants a terrible surprise of showing up to find out your home has been broken into?

We know home security. During an alarm, you’ll be protected by the technology you want and the professionals you need.

We offer Top of the Line home security systems which are ready to dispatch first-responders in a moment’s notice.

Porch Pirates? No problem as we will have them on video to ensure these criminals skip your home and go to the next property which isn’t protected by RHT.

Live, instant alerts when your monitoring alerts. Our High Definition security cameras protect both indoors and out so you can be protected 24/7.